How to make an order?

Click on order online and choose the desired products. By clicking on each product, this will be added in the order cart. Going to the cart you can see the total amount and to confirm you must enter all the data requested from the site and click on “Order”.

What do I need to register?

After the first registration, customers will no longer be asked for delivery data. The customer can view the history of his orders and through the email provided he can receive promo code to take advantage of the discounts.

How can I pay?

There are two payment methods. The customer can choose whether to pay directly in cash on delivery or by credit card on the website.

What's the delivery time?

Delivery times vary from 40 to 60 Minutes.

What are the permitted delivery areas?

Delivery zones allowed for deliveries are: Basilio, Rozzano, Cascina Torriggio, Cassino, Fizzonasco, Moirago, Pontesesto, Quinto de Stampi, Ronchetto delle Rane, Tolcinasco, Valleambrosia.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order with cash payment just call the number 02 27 01 64 39 and communicate the name and surname of the order. In case this has been paid by credit card you must call the number 02 27 01 64 39 communicate your name and surname and the restaurateur Will send to the given email a voucher of the value of the order cancelled.